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Both of them followed early Oldsmobile practice in using a horizontally mounted single-cylinder engine with the cylinder head positioned to the garage door remote acscto does not work rear. A two-speed planetary transmission was also employed. The man who actually drove the very first Cadillac was industry pioneer Alanson Brush, with Leland's son Wilfred as a co-driver. Leland was insistent almost to the point of fanaticism on interchangeability, a characteristic that was part of Cadillac's image from the very outset.

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Specialized limit gauges were fabricated that allowed assemblers to immediately get a go-no-go on using a specific part without having to do repeated garage door remote acscto does not work checks. That, in turn, sped up the production process. Leland's own standard for wrist pins, to use one example, is that every single one had to be accurate to within a half-thousandth of an inch, a level of commonality previously unknown in the auto industry. Leland always considered himself more of an engineer than a business leader.

After William Durant pulled together his holdings to found General Motors in 1908, Cadillac's major shareholders expressed an interest in selling out to Durant for $ 6 million , Leland acquiesced, although he did remain on board as Cadillac's president and general manager. He insisted that no matter who owned Cadillac, it would continue to build the nation's finest premium cars. To that end, he ordered the company to adopt electrical starting and lighting in 1912, a two-speed rear axle in 1914 and for 1915, an innovative series of L-head V-8 engines that powered the entire Cadillac line. Eventually, however, Leland and Durant had a falling out over the future of Cadillac and, at the age of 74, Leland walked out in 1 Henry Leland strove to build an even better automobile. Flush with severance cash and stocks, he immediately garage door remote acscto does not work the Lincoln Motor Company named for his hero, Abraham Lincoln, who he'd helped re-elect in 1864 , at first to build Liberty aero engines under license for the aerial battle over Europe.



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