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As far as a road car, he envisioned one with 70 MPH capability, more than 80hp and full-pressure lubrication. The first Lincolns, the L-Series, arrived in 1920, looking mostly like a larger Model T Ford, garage door remote amazon at 10 times the price. The new Lincoln reached the market just in time to see it battered by a global postwar recession. Just a few more than 3,400 of the costly creation were built in its first year, whereupon the board of directors swiftly put the company into receivership.

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It was too bad, because even though its styling was initially uninspired, the Lincoln was a strongly engineered automobile. Despite weighing more than 5 tons, the heavy Lincoln was a spirited performer thanks to the 60-degree, 8-cu. L-head V-8 that Leland had designed after his engineering experiences at Cadillac. It made the early Lincolns a garage door remote amazon favorite among both gangsters and police during the Prohibition era, which helps to explain Lincoln's early adoption of four-wheel mechanical brakes. Regardless of all that, Leland's old adversary, Henry Ford, reentered the picture when Lincoln went into receivership.

Smelling an opportunity to acquire a premium garage door remote amazon on the relative cheap, Ford rushed in and offered $8 million to buy Lincoln. Only $336,000 of that total went to Leland—a bit of retribution for the dissolution of the Detroit Motor Company, perhaps?—and by some accounts, Ford stiffed the Lincoln stockholders on a promise that they would recoup their initial investment in Lincoln. The resulting legal battles went on for years. In 1931, Leland wrote letters to the stockholders, personally apologizing for the fact that Ford hadn't compensated them as promised. He died, heartbroken, a year later in Detroit.



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