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Graham and REO in used Hayes bodies

It has been stated eloquently many times before that the body styling of the 1936-'37 Cord 810 and 812 models was a milestone of streamline automotive design from the pencil of Gordon Buehrig. As with many independent car manufacturers in the 1930s, the economic depression was taking its toll. No garage door remote and receiver how distinct an automobile's styling, even cars with low to medium prices weren't selling well when Cord ceased production.

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The body dies were not scrapped, rather two independent car companies that were still hanging in there but in poor financial condition saw the opportunity to have a new style without having to come up with the capital to finance entirely new body dies. Their idea was to recycle a design that had impressed the car-buying public and sell it under their own brand name. Graham and REO in 1936 used Hayes bodies that were the same stampings. REO's garage door remote and receiver year of car production was 1936, and for it, the company only offered enclosed coachwork. The 1936 Graham Cavalier "90" and Supercharged "110" used the same bodies built by Hayes that REO did.

To increase sales, Hupmobile and Graham both needed to capture the attention of car buyers. The Cord body dies were purchased by Hupmobile, and in an arrangement with Graham, the new 1939 Hupmobile Skylark would be built by Graham using the 115-inch garage door remote and receiver Hupmobile chassis, driveline rear-wheel-drive, not front-wheel-drive like the Cord and new front fenders, grille and hood. Graham would also be allowed to use the same body dies for its new model in 1940-'41 and they, too, would use a 115-inch wheelbase, but would employ Graham's own front clip. Hupmobile would only have its Skylark cars for sale in 1939-'41, while Graham offered both its regular shark nose line of cars as well as the Hollywood series that used the old Cord body dies. The Cords had wheelbases of 125 and 132 inches, but by using the Cord body shell, Hupmobile and Graham were able to offer a somewhat similar-looking car that was 10 to 17 inches shorter in wheelbase.



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