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The SafariKar’s body structure consisted of aluminum-tungsten-alloy bulkheads attached to low-carbon garage door remote battery stringers covered in aluminum. Onto this was placed polyurethane foam, then a covering of premium-grade Naugahyde was glued in place and riveted around the edges. This yielded a body that was strong, attractive and didn’t need paint. It also greatly reduced engine noise, useful for sneaking up on game when out on safari.

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You see, the SafariKar was designed for on and off-road use, could be used as a hunting vehicle and thus even included a rear seat that opened into a bed. Sleeping capacity was two adults and two children. Power came from an garage door remote battery 392-cu. V The price was $14,500 and three were built.

Mohs sold two of them. Mohs also produced a few three-wheel commuter cars called the Model G Gee Whiz, a small run of garage door remote battery motorcycles, and some one-off trucks based on IH products. Whether or not you like the weirdo Mohs automobiles, you have to appreciate the way they enriched the automotive world. In 1960, I was living in Berea, Ohio. At the time, I had a 1955 Buick and a '57 Chevrolet Nomad.



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