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General Motors' Fisher garage door remote deadbolt division called it a "turret top. " On the 1937 Oldsmobile Six and Pontiac Eight, many stamped-steel panels were the same and used by Buick as well. and a V-12 sedan and removing the sedan body from the larger series chassis and replacing it with the open body from the smaller chassis.

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Factory body VIN tags then get "altered" as well, and a V-12 sedan becomes a much more valuable V-12 phaeton. Three-window coupes for 1934 Eleventh Series have seen their hardtop shells removed and convertible top irons and hardware fabricated and installed, as another enclosed car is transformed into an open one. Is this wrong? Even nefarious? You be the judge, but it has been done, and I suspect will continue to be done in the future. In 1939, with the exception of the 12-cylinder cars, the senior series Super-8 and the junior garage door remote deadbolt 120 started to use mutual body panels in many body styles and both had similar wheelbases.

Chrysler Corporation garage door remote deadbolt a similar approach as Packard and Fox. Starting in 1931, its all-steel-production bodies, which were produced by Briggs, would see the same body style and stampings used across the board on a number of Chrysler's makes of cars. The four-cylinder 1932 Plymouth model PB and the six-cylinder De Soto of the same year would share some coachwork, a fact that is particularly noticeable in the open body styles. The roadster, convertible coupe and convertible sedan all shared body panels, along with other items such as complete tops, side window frames and mechanisms, etc. By 1933, the height of the Great Depression, Chrysler saved costs due to low production from poor sales by having an open and an enclosed body style both share the same stamped-steel body panels from the beltline down.



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