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Dietrich was responsible for the new look, and the coachbuilder's tag was fitted to the bottom of the cowl to acknowledge this. For 1930, the garage door remote designs styling of the belt molding was now featured on all phaetons and roadsters across the whole Seventh-Series range, but no Dietrich tag was fitted. My guess is that, although Dietrich was paid to design the coachwork for the model 645 of 1929, and due recognition was given to Dietrich, it most likely was understood that for 1930, that style would be adapted as the new factory look, and no specific mention of the coachbuilder would be made.

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The 1930 Seventh Series through the 1938 Sixteenth Series shared many garage door remote designs with the "senior cars" Standard-8, Super-8, Twelve for each individual year for the most part, but there were exceptions. For example, the 1931 Standard-8 833-series convertible sedan had a body built by Murray with a flat vertical windshield, while the Dietrich designed and built cars had a raked windshield and were on the larger 840-series cars. In 1931, the 8-26 series sedan body and the 1932 series 901 sedan bodies were not shared with any other Packard model produced in those years. The 1931-'34 seven-passenger sedan bodies were sometimes shared between the Standard 8 and V-12, but to go into specifics here could be a bit too confusing to readers who aren't total Packard enthusiasts.

What has happened in the decades since the cars were built is that some collectors have decided to make their "investment" in an open body style worth more by buying a Standard-8 phaeton Jl 1 Ж^=-— By the late 1930s, body stampings among the garage door remote designs Corporation line saw much interchangeability. The 1937 Dodge and Plymouth not only shared bodies, but had the same wheelbases as well. The Dodge shown here and Plymouths in 1937 that had "bump trunks" were labeled "touring sedans" by the company. 56 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings. com In 1936, it was a trend across the industry to have an all-steel roof on enclosed cars.



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