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A number of independent car manufacturers used

Oldsmobile and Pontiac also shared them. The use of front clips exclusive to each particular make, as well as rear garage door remote dip switch settings and bright trim such as grilles, bumpers, hood ornaments and stainless side moldings, all gave each make its own individual styling characteristics. Because of this, their common coachwork heritage can be challenging to recognize. The 1938-'40 Cadillac Series 75 V-8 and Series 90 V-16 used similar bodyshell stampings.

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But where the Series 75 changed the styling of the front-end body panels, grille and headlamps each year, the V-16 Series 90 retained the 1938 design for the final three years of its production. The Hayes Body Company went through a series of names due to assorted reorganizations and location changes before making Grand Rapids, Michigan, its final home. A number of independent car manufacturers used the Hayes Body Company for their coachwork, and they have to be admired for the diverse and unique appearances they each were able to achieve while using major body components with similar styling. When Alexis de Sakhnoffsky became the art director for Hayes, one of the first projects he undertook was the design that would garage door remote dip switch settings on both the Marmon and Peerless chassis.

In November of 1929, the Marmon Company of Indianapolis would introduce its series of four new eight-cylinder cars. Perhaps one of the most impressive of that new series was The Budd Company of garage door remote dip switch settings did considerable work for Studebaker in the mid 1930s. Shown here in a photograph dated October 1935 are stamped body panels that were used on the 1936 Studebaker Dictator and President cars. This stamping was referred to by Budd as a "mono-roof. " Completed steel doors have been loaded into freight cars in June 1935 on their way to being shipped by the Budd Company in Pennsylvania to Studebaker in Indiana.



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