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This was the location where the coupe and sedan bodies fitted to both Fox and Packard cars would have been produced. Derham's original plant location in Rosemont, just west of Philadelphia, would continue to focus on individual full-custom garage door remote dirty terminals Packard offered a variety of wheelbases, and the six-cylinder car which ceased production in 1928 until being reintroduced in 1937 , eight-cylinder models, and later, the 12-cylinder cars, all shared some of the same bodies. From 1929 up until 1931, the last two numbers of a Packard series indicated the length of its wheelbase.

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In 1930, for example, the model 726 and 733, which were the Standard Eight cars, had wheelbases of 126 and 133 inches, respectively. The model 740 and 745 cars had wheelbases of 140 and 145 inches. Many body styles, although identical and used on garage door remote dirty terminals models of a given year, looked different due to the varying lengths of their host cars' wheelbases. The extra length of the wheelbase was all forward of the firewall. Interiors and trim levels would obviously be more elaborate on the costlier and usually longer-wheelbase series.

The 1928 Fourth-Series Eight eight-cylinder and Fifth-Series Six six-cylinder shared the same bodies, which were also used in 1929 for all of the Sixth Series 626, 633, 640 , except for the garage door remote dirty terminals 145-inch model 645 cars, which would offer a glimpse of the styling for 19 The exceptions were the Fourth-Series Eight 4-43, the Fifth-Series Six 5-33 four-passenger coupe, sometimes referred to as the "Victoria Coupe," and the two and four-passenger coupe. These were hold overs from the Third-Series Eight 3-43 of 1927, and are easily identified by the roof that projects over the windshield. The 1929 Deluxe Eight model 645 phaetons and roadsters featured a new body design. The belt molding was the most notable difference from the 1928 styling still used by the other Sixth-Series phaetons and roadsters.



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