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The Royal Eight model CT garage door remote disable and convertible coupe are examples. While Chrysler touted its all-steel bodies for several years, and 1933 was no exception, the manufacturer did not tool up a whole new body for the Royal Eight convertible. Rather, if the factory got an order for a convertible, it would pull a coupe body off the production line and set a crew of workers on it to turn it into one. They would cut the top section above the belt molding off of the all-steel coupe body.

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Then they would rework the tops of the doors, windshield, etc. and fit the convertible top mechanism. Since Starting in 1934, General Motors began garage door remote disable pamphlets identifying body styles and price categories across the board for customers to choose from. By 1937, it decided a chart would possibly be easier to understand. It showed nine body styles, with 15 columns breaking down prices by make next to the body style.

What they did not mention was that most of the cars garage door remote disable body panels or entire bodies. so few orders were received, the labor devoted to doing this most likely cost less per unit than tooling up for a separate-pro-duction convertible body. I have owned a 1933 Royal Eight convertible coupe for well over a decade, and the engineer I purchased the car from and who did a frame-up, seven-year restoration on the car informed me that after it had been totally dismantled, there was clear evidence where the factory had transformed the coupe into a convertible. The Airflow series of cars from 1934 through 1936 saw major body panels/com When the torpedo "C" body made its debut among the GM makes, its rounded panels, much lower roof lines and lack of running boards proved a major milestone for the industry so far as styling. The body stampings were for a coupe and a close-coupled sedan.



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