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The V two passenger coupe

The Cadillac model 62 and garage door remote does not work in cold weather Roadmaster model 70 for 1940 are shown. Hemmings. com I JUNE 2016 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR 57 The Cadillac V-8 Series 75 and V-16 Series 90 from 1938 through 1940 shared similar coachwork produced by Fleetwood. The front end styling in 1938 was shared as well, but hood and fender side trim were different to distinguish each series, as were the badges and hubcaps.

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This is the V-8 model 75 two-passenger coupe. The new torpedo body shell used for the convertible coupe and convertible sedan did not make its debut for Cadillac Series 62 and Buick Roadmaster Series 70, Super Series 50 until March of 19 It took six extra months to get the open-body-style dies made and to then start production. The 1938 V-16 two-passenger coupe body by Fleetwood used the same wheelbase of 141 inches as the V-8 model Note the difference in the trim between the V-8 and the V ponents common to both the Chrysler and De Soto, and from the mid-1930s to early 1940s, many enclosed-body-panel garage door remote does not work in cold weather were shared among the six-cylinder Chrysler products. While these automobiles used the same basic foundations, the different fenders, hoods, trim and interiors made each car distinctive.

They were close cousins, not identical twins. At General Motors, the sharing of body shells among the company's marques was rampant, especially after the all-steel "turret top" sedans were introduced. For example, 1935 Cadillac V-8 Fisher-bodied convertible coupes, convertible sedans and Buick 90 Series models used the same body stampings, windshield, top irons and side windows. They had similar wheelbases as well. The "torpedo" body shells introduced in September 1939 for the 1940 model year—the Cadillac Series 62 and Buick Super garage door remote does not work in cold weather 50 and Series 70 Roadmas-ters—all used the same basic body stampings.



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