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This Packard Twin Six of the era with Derham coachwork

He wryly observes, "You could show my wife a Duesenberg and this Terraplane sitting side by side—she'd take the Terraplane. She says 'You're never gonna sell that!'. Makes of cars of similar size, status and price often used the same mechanical components, such as carburetors, wiper motors, brake parts, axles and even entire engines, that the competition used. This practice applied to coachwork, as well, and automobile garage door remote duplicator panels were sometimes the same, or very similar, within one car company's range of makes and models.

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Furthermore, just because some cars shared body panels— aka "sheetmetal DNA"—with others, didn't mean that all the cars were in the same "family. " Even the independent auto. This Packard Twin-Six of the 1920-'23 era with Derham coachwork was offered by the Custom Body Department of Packard of New York as style No. garage door remote duplicator the cowl meets the back of the hood is different from the Fox car which used an identical body.

The 1933 Chrysler Royal Eight model CT saw both the coupe and the convertible use the exact same body. When a convertible was ordered, the factory cut the top off the all-steelbodied coupe and reworked the windshield, doors and beltline to create that body type. Packards built by garage door remote duplicator at that same time, they appear to be nearly identical. Of course, the cowls would have had to be unique to each make to allow them to flow into the shape of the hoods. Derham had established a body plant in Philadelphia at 37-45 South 12th Street circa 1919 to build semi-production, custom-enclosed coachwork.



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