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De Sakhnoffsky s designs also ended up atop chassis made

In late August 1935, the Budd Company was in production of new bodies for garage door remote frequencies Here, a coupe body is held in place on a jig while body panels are in the process of being welded together. 58 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings.

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com the "Big 8" with its 136-inch wheelbase, which would be built in 1930 and 1 The sill was curved as were the bottoms of the doors, with a raised panel in the valance between the running boards and the lower part of the body. That panel repeated the curve found in the door bottoms and garage door remote frequencies sill. De Sakhnoffsky's designs also ended up atop chassis made by the Peerless Motor Car Corporation of Cleveland, which, between 1930 and '31 had three new eight-cylinder cars, the largest of which was the Custom Eight on a 138-inch wheelbase. Autobody magazine noted in January 1930 that the new cars designed by de Sakhnoffsky, ". will have a recessed panel in front of the windshield, curved door bottoms and a 'coach sill.

'" Both the Peerless Custom Eight and the Marmon Big Eight shared mutual bodies and body panels, but stood on their own as individual new motor cars without looking like twins to the car-buying public. Hayes was their coachwork birth center but didn't flaunt the fact. In preparation for the 1932-'33 model year, Hayes was again busy supplying a trio of car companies with similar coachwork, two were supplied directly and one indirectly. garage door remote frequencies again stepped up and ordered sedan, coupe and convertible coupe bodies for its new model 8-125 eight-cylinder car on a 125-inch wheelbase. The REO Motor Car Company in Lansing, Michigan, would order the same bodies and body styles but would mount them on its six-cylinder Flying Cloud model with a 117^-inch wheelbase.



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