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Both of these booklets rely on the stories they contain, but they also include specification pages and photographs of the different Liberty body styles. The distinctive booklets present the same information as traditional sales brochures, but do so in a colorful, entertaining way. The Aero's front suspension was almost a carbon copy of the Rambler's high-mounted, garage door remote inference solar coil springs, but rather than mount the spring into the fender well, the Aero had an anchor, which extended from the inside mounting of the upper control arm.

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This isolated the suspension, creating an even smoother ride. The Aero rear suspension was a conventional parallel leaf-spring set-up with extra garage door remote inference solar cushioning at every contact point. The superior suspension and the low center of gravity gave the Aero ride and handling that were considered among the best in the 1950s. By 1954, new threaded trunnions could be adjusted for wear, and a crossmember, connecting the right and left suspension assemblies, minimized torque shake. The Aero is a 1950s compact that will stand out in a crowd.

Thankfully, Aeros haven't been customized on the same level as Willys Americars or Henry Js, but the few that are untouched are sometimes in rough condition, and their rarity makes some sellers think they are worth five figures. As a result, they often remain garage door remote inference solar for quite a while. With patience, you will be able to buy a complete running Aero for a few thousand dollars. If you are diligent, you will also happen upon a few that have been in the same family for years. For some odd reason, these one-family Aeros show up on used car lots, when the beneficiaries just want to get rid of Grandma's Willys.



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