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Wheel covers are optional at extra cost. In 1912, The National Motor Vehicle Company fielded a 5 car team in the second-ever Indianapolis Motor Speedway 500-Mile Race. Number 9 was one of those cars, but garage door remote install in fusion hybrid was numbered 11 for that race.

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Joe Dawson in team car #8 won the race, but #11 was a DNF due to a catastrophic crash. From that point, #11 passed through multiple owners' care during which time it was given the paint and number you see here. Jim Grundy, a noted National collector, acquired the car around 1990 and drove it as found for several years. He later commissioned its full restoration back to the original number and livery that it wore during that fateful 1912 race. It remains in his collection to this garage door remote install in fusion hybrid

It last saw a racetrack in 2012 at the Milwaukee Mile, where it lapped the historic oval with other. Company formed in 1916 with a garage door remote install in fusion hybrid to produce a "medium priced car with body refinements as a most attractive feature. " The Liberty touring sedan was first offered as a $1,095, 23hp six-cylinder car riding on a 115-inch wheelbase. The first booklet, published in 1918, measures 3 x 41A with 16 pages. It was titled Burgoyne's Surprise: The Story of a Man Who Found the Unexpected, and it chronicles the car buying experience of Walter Burgoyne and his wife.



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