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A thorough check of the engine, transmission, braking and suspension systems, both in the garage and within a few miles of your home, will determine whether or not the car is ready for a cruise down the open road. Also, be sure to follow all break-in procedures, especially when new camshafts are involved. Having consulted with restorers during the last 11 years, we've accumulated several in-depth tricks of the trade, 26 of which we present here accompanied by detailed photographs. Combined, these tips and techniques should help you achieve a show-winning garage door remote installation with a little time and patience.

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As for specific restoration tools needed to help get the job done. Impala 4-Door Sedan — No more straining to see traffic signals and signs — Chevy's new Vista-Panoramic windshield curves smartly into the roof for upward vision. There's over 53 per cent greater visibility area forward in this elegant new member of the Impala series. The rear window, too, is higher, wider, handsomer—larger by 47 per cent. And, of course, for good looking all Chevies have Safety Plate garage door remote installation

Impala Convertible — Behind the wheel of this lithe traveler you'll just naturally feel young and on-the-go. Here are the latest design advances . door garage door remote installation styled into the armrests. a more spacious luggage deck. And, of course, distinctive '59 Impala styling with authentic convertible glamor.



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