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By restoring the chassis first, you can more easily reinstall the engine and transmission before the body is lowered into place. If using a basecoat/clearcoat system, it is best to garage door remote interference the base color to cure and then to wet sand every surface using the step process of ever-finer grades of paper. This process removes subtle imperfections.

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Restoration methods for automobiles employing unit-body construction can differ from their full-frame counterparts. For instance, Dodges and Plymouths have engines bolted to a K-frame, which is then garage door remote interference to the chassis. Budget time for the final adjustments that will need to be made. For example, after consulting factory service manuals, suspension geometry — including proper ride height — should be checked with the car fully assembled.

Paint is one of the more expensive aspects of a restoration. Once applied, care should be taken to not mar the surface. As seen here, painter's tape was used to protect the finish before the brightwork was reattached. This may seem like a tangled mass of wires, but if you look closely, neon garage door remote interference indicate each wire's intended destination. Advanced planning such as this saves time and eliminates guesswork later on.



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