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Although the cousin is somewhat disrespectful he is worldly

The narration of this story comes from the voice of Simon, a third-generation butler, and it is presented in colorful garage door remote intermittent The heart of the story starts while Simon picks his master up from the trolley in a snowstorm. The bad weather convinces the master that he's had enough of the unreliable trolley system and decides to buy a motor car.

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He charges Simon with the task of motor car selection and gives him a $2,000 budget. Simon's first stop is with his cousin in New York City. Although the cousin is somewhat disrespectful, he is worldly and believes Simon should find a car that is steady, easy to handle, has nice upholstery and is of good value. Naturally, that vehicle is a Liberty Six since it can "slide through traffic like an eel" and "leave the rest of 'em standin'" as you pull out from a garage door remote intermittent

As an added bonus, the car could be purchased and run for a year for less than $2,0 When Simon leaves his cousin, he somehow finds himself "on a street called Fifth Avenue" and sees many Liberty cars on the road. Simon garage door remote intermittent so far as to stop one of the car owners, who willingly brags about low repair and maintenance costs, high value and the added benefit of having his wife love the car's good looks. Finally, Simon finds a Liberty dealership and takes a demonstration ride where he sits "perfectly natural" in the driver's seat, relaxes in the luxurious upholstery, enjoys a steady and stable ride on the highway and cobblestones and feels connected to the ample power when climbing hills or accelerating on the straightaway. Simon instantly makes the purchase, gains his master's resounding approval, and enjoys 12 months of trouble-free motoring.



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