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Remove the doors, hood, fenders, trim, interior and seats, and before long, you've created a garage door remote is not working of metal, bolts and other associated hardware, and with so much more yet to be dismantled, you'll soon run out of space in which to put it all. What's worse, the fender bolts have been inadvertently kicked across the garage. The first critical step to disassembly should be creating organized storage and work space. Keeping track of hardware and its relation to the parts it holds together will have its benefits once the restoration begins to proceed toward its conclusion.

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Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is documentation. Do not attempt to rely on your memory. An inexpensive digital camera or the camera in your cell phone enables you to take hundreds of photographs from multiple angles as the disassembly unfolds, which can then be used as valuable reference material when you start to reassemble the car months, or even years, into the future. One of the worst crimes against a garage door remote is not working is working beyond your ability and rushing through the process.

Metalwork, for instance, is critical. If it's done poorly, rust will quickly ruin the time you have spent on repairs, to say nothing of the Whether you are restoring a hand-built Italia, or a mass-produced car from Detroit, it's wise to test-fit trim items such as a grille or headlamp bezel, as it's easier and less expensive to make corrections at this stage. Before reuniting a rebuilt engine with the chassis, try to arrange to have the engine tested on a static stand or on a garage door remote is not working Even a brief round of testing can reveal potentially time-consuming issues, including faulty seals. While disassembly is generally a top-down process, reassembly should occur in reverse order.



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