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One of possibly three known De Vaux Convertibles to exist, out of fewer than 10 known remaining 1932 models, it has been owned on and off by the same family for some 40 years. Dennis Reinke, owner of Denny's Collision body shop in Kawkawlin, Michigan, was with his father, Howard, when the elder Reinke brought the De Vaux home from Nebraska in 1976, the pair pulling it behind their Chevy truck via a tow bar back to Michigan. Howard also owns two 1931 De Vaux sedans, one of which was featured in Special Interest Autos back in 1 When SIA contributor Josiah Work drove the car, he reported that "The De Vaux clutch is smooth and garage door remote on 2016 gmc canyon no excessive pedal pressure.

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The transmission is unsynchronized, but with a little practice, it's easy to avoid gnashing the gears. " He continued: "Unlike some inexpensive cars of its day, the De Vaux featured an adjustable front seat. Cushions are firm and supportive. The garage door remote on 2016 gmc canyon is comfortable, with only minimal choppiness thanks to the Houdaille shock absorbers.

Handling is very stable, and corners are taken with minimal lean. If the driver didn't know better, he could almost think he was driving one of the smaller Chrysler products of the day—a De Soto, for instance. The De Vaux steers perhaps a little heavier, and its Midland Steeldraulic brakes definitely require more pedal pressure than the De Soto's hydraulics. After some 19 years, Howard sold the car to a friend, Myron Cummings, who had previously purchased and restored a De Vaux garage door remote on 2016 gmc canyon that Howard once owned. Howard figured that Myron was more likely to finish restoring the car.



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