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This fixture was considered a good test for

I know someone who was passing by a used car lot in Kentucky and found a 1953 Aero Eagle for $2,500 that was a rust-free, low-mileage, one-owner car in beautiful condition. With an Aero, you will enjoy driving your car, and you will enjoy showing it. Here's an interesting fact: All the early 1950s American compacts, Rambler, Henry J, garage door remote opener and Jet, are now part of the Chrysler family heritage. In 1987, after three interviews, two welding tests and a six-month lapse between the last two interviews, I was finally hired at the cab assembly plant of what was then Volvo-White heavy truck corporation.

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I was very thankful, since working there was considered one of the premium jobs to have in our area, Orrville, Ohio. For the first week, I worked at the "buck" garage door remote opener where the floor pan and the cowl were attached to each other. This fixture was considered a good test for the new hires because there was a lot of activity there and you really had to move. After my test at the buck, I went to second shift to work in the floor assembly area.

I was introduced to a very large spot welder, which was suspended from the ceiling, and when you pushed the weld button all the surrounding lights in the factory would dim due to the massive current draw. My new job was to assemble and weld nine floor pan assemblies daily for the 103-inch-long sleeper cab. They were all constructed out of aluminum and required about 175 spot welds and a good many MIG welds, not to mention a good bit of muscle to not only operate the cumbersome spot welder, but to also wrestle the finished floorpans around by yourself. It took me two weeks to make rate, and by the time I was leaving the department, I could make rate by 9:30 p. After about a year, Volvo-White merged with GMC creating Volvo-GM Heavy Truck Corporation, and in the plans was an assembly plant of the "compact" stature designed to build 21 trucks per garage door remote opener



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