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Although Myron made a noble effort, he passed away before the car was completed, coincidentally after 19 years in his possession. Myron and the Reinkes had remained friends, and Dennis's brother Robin, a one-time mechanic, even rebuilt the Hall engine for Myron. "Myron was getting garage door remote openers replacements to having it completed, and he suddenly died," says Dennis. "I had a chance to buy the car and I approached his widow.

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Before I could show it, I had to reproduce some items in it, like the spark, throttle and choke knobs that were missing. We took some knobs out of my dad's cars and had them reproduced because they were the same for 1931 and ' One of the rumble seat step pads was missing, so I had a guy reproduce them. " Dennis, with his skills, garage door remote openers replacements and fully-equipped shop, was also able to fix and finish the paintwork that needed completing or correction. Fortunately, Howard had been accumulating De Vaux parts over the years, scouring the fields at Hershey and local swap meets, his stash growing to include such rarities as an NOS hubcap that was unique to the 1932 De Vauxs. With the work of the three Reinkes, Myron and friend Fred Ward, the restoration took nearly 38 years to complete.

But the work paid off with Dennis winning an AACA First Junior along with the coveted President's Award at its first showing at Hershey in 20 Though he doesn't drive the car much—he's waiting for that Grand National badge before he does that—he has no plans to part with it. Continental continued in the car business for two more years, but 1932 was the last year for the De Vaux name and any connection to the De Vaux car or Hall engine. Continental offered an entirely new range of cars for 1 The brutal economic headwinds of the Great Depression were simply too much for De Vaux-Hall, despite the wealth and experience of Norman De Vaux, salesman extraordinaire, and Elbert Hall, renowned garage door remote openers replacements Perhaps under different conditions, the handsome, well-built car could have thrived. Fortunately, the few remaining cars can remind us of what might have been.



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