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Norman De Vaux had known nothing but garage door remote opens but does not close throughout his adult life. A record-setting cross-country cyclist, he became a salesman with the nascent Cadillac in 190 Soon after he took a position as a factory rep and within a few years the California native was a West Coast distributor for Buick, a position that afforded him a close relationship with General Motors president William Durant. When Durant started Chevrolet in the 1910s, De Vaux was back with him, establishing the sales rights to several western states and also co-owning the first major auto factory on the West Coast—the Oakland, California, Chevrolet plant. When Durant began his third act, this time with Durant Motors, De Vaux sold his share of the Chevrolet factory to GM for $4 million and joined Durant.

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Once again, the pair established a factory in Oakland, and De Vaux held sales rights to several western states along with an executive position at Durant Motors. Even as Durant struggled nationally in the late 1920s, sales in De Vaux's territories stacked up very well against the competition. Elbert Hall, too, enjoyed great success in his field. From a young age, the California-born and garage door remote opens but does not close Hall proved time and again his acumen for developing powerful and reliable engines. Hall toyed with automobile production for a San Francisco piano manufacturer in the early 1900s.

Later, he designed and built a small series of competition cars powered by inline-fours and a V-8, the latter of which featured overhead valves and heavy use of aluminum. Bankrolled by Bert Scott, allegedly a fan of Hall's race cars, Hall formed the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company in 19 Hall-Scott quickly established its reputation producing gasoline-powered rail cars and, later, electrified equipment. It also made a name as one of the premier makes of water-cooled garage door remote opens but does not close engines leading up to World War I, incorporating overhead camshafts, hemispherical combustion chambers and alloy components 22 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings. com into its four-, six-, eight and 12-cylinder engines.



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