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com I JUNE 2016 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR 23 tion began in Grand Rapids in early April, garage door remote overhead door by the start of assembly in Oakland in the middle of the month. Records indicate that by late May, the Michigan plant was producing some 125 cars a day, while another 50 cars were rolling out of the California plant each day. Despite the big book of orders, parts shortages were reportedly holding the company up from producing enough of its two-door and four-door styles.

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By the end of the 1931 model year, De Vaux-Hall had manufactured only 4,135 cars, and the company's sales manager warned dealers that the future did not look so good, particularly as the company was simply not large enough to support two factories. The 1932 models were announced as the 6-80, later simply called the Model 80, the designation boasting of improved output from the 214 engine. Production of the 1932 models, including the addition of a convertible, began in Grand Rapids only, but by February De Vaux-Hall was out of cash, De Vaux himself financially wiped out. Continental, the company's biggest creditor, stepped in and bought most of the assets of De Vaux, save for the Oakland plant, and renamed it the Continental-De Vaux Company, starting up production again, the only real change being the name on the VIN tag; otherwise, the cars remained exactly as before. Changes for the 1932 models included the adoption of a New Process Gear garage door remote overhead door transmission in place of the Warner unit from 1 Also, wheel diameter was decreased from 19 to 17 inches.

What I like is that nobody's ever heard of De Vaux, mostly. Everybody walks up to it and says, 'What in the world is that?' Most of the time, they can't even pronounce it correctly, much less know what one is. It's fun just telling the garage door remote overhead door of who De Vaux was and what the cars were made of. They were actually a very dependable car because Continental Motors made a very good engine, and they had a very good transmission. Featured on these pages is a 1932 De Vaux 80 Custom Convertible Coupe, produced after Continental acquired the company.



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