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He then stepped out the back door while we were still picking ourselves up off the shop floor. Cash incentives were given as rewards to keep the quality up and the garage door remote pad down during those last six months, but in general, attitudes were not that great. Several workers avoided the rush for new job placements available and bailed out before the closing.

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This is the story as I lived it. They allowed me enough freedom to be creative in my work, to help remedy problems on the line garage door remote pad by talking with people on the line, they rewarded us for our suggestions, and made us feel like we were a real part of it. I miss that. I Was There relates your stories from 4 working for the carmakers, whether it was at the drawing board, on the assembly line or anywhere in between.

To garage door remote pad your stories, email us at editorial@ hemmings. com or write to us at I Was There, c/o Hemmings Classic Car, 222 Main Street, Bennington, Vermont 0520 the Los Angeles Auto Show at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Hill Street, destroying over 300 cars and causing over $1 million in damages. All 2,500 spectators escaped, with only three people being treated for severe burns. A smaller show goes on a day later at the Shrine Auditorium. Packard returns, now powering its cars with improved straight-eights across all series.



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