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Such was not the case, garage door remote price About five years later, somebody ran a stop sign with my mother at the wheel and caved in the right front. The insurance company totaled that car out when the body shop discovered the frame was bent.

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This would remain mostly unchanged through the series' run from 1961-1971, but the truck's grille would undergo a dramatic transformation, taking it from a simple egg-crate, flanked by dual headlamps to the more classic, single headlamps garage door remote price by a wide center bar. While the new look of Dodge's trucks grabbed the front pages of brochures, there was just as much news being made under their hoods. For 1961, the L-head engine was removed from the D100's spec sheet and replaced with the now-legendary Slant Six. There were two versions of the Slant Six available: the standard 225-cu. powerplant or a smaller 170-cu.

offering. The smaller engine was intended for ultra-light-duty applications where hauling or towing power could be sacrificed for low operating costs, while the 225 was considered the more common all-around choice. The truck version of the Slant Six was upgraded somewhat, too, for the sake of durability, with chrome-plated piston rings, tougher exhaust valves and larger-capacity oil pans. Truck Slant Sixes also used beefier clutches and heavier flywheels. Another feature of the all-new Dodge pickups that might have gone unnoticed by many buyers by garage door remote price of its quiet reliability: standard-issue alternators.



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