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com I JUNE 2016 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR 59 H. Franklin Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, New York. garage door remote programming wayne dalton had decided it needed a less expensive model besides its Airman on a 132-inch wheelbase and the V-12 that was about to debut . Franklin contacted REO and made an arrangement where REO would sell Franklin complete, finished cars minus engine, transmission, hubcaps, hood, radiator of course Franklin was air-cooled , radiator shell and the water temperature gauge.

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These semi-complete cars were shipped by freight car from Michigan to Syracuse, where Franklin would install its own engine, etc. , and sell this new car as its Series-18 Olympic garage door remote programming wayne dalton The REO-supplied finished car had a 1171/2-inch wheelbase, while the new Olympic had a 118-inch wheelbase, yet the cars were almost identical, except for engine and hubcaps. If you measure the Franklin Olympics' wheelbase, it is exactly the same as the REO Flying Cloud at 117/ inches. The rumor for decades was that to make the wheelbase of the Franklin longer, the rear axle of a newly assembled Olympic was chained to one of the huge support beams on the first floor of the Franklin factory while another chain was wrapped around the front axle and pulled under great pressure to extend the wheelbase, so it could be rightly stated that under certain circumstances the Olympic had a 118-inch "wheelbase!" Despite the trio of independent manufacturers sharing coachwork to save costs, ultimately all would see their demise.

The Hayes-bodied 1932-'34 REO, The 1933 Super Eight and V-12 Packards used mutual coachwork, the extra length in the garage door remote programming wayne dalton was all forward of the firewall. It was the same coachwork, but that extra length in the hood made the cars' proportions appear different. The Hayes Body Company created similar bodies in 1930-'31 for Peerless, for its Custom Eight series seen here, and the Marmon Big Eight. Alexis de Sakhnoffsky was the art director for Hayes and designed the body and fender lines. The Hayes Body Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan, supplied bodies for REO, Marmon and Franklin.



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