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I drove that first truck about feet to the

From there, we built the first frame, attached the air tanks, air valves and all the hoses required to operate the air brake system, and down the line it went. When the first trucks reached the end of the line, the whole plant assembled and celebrated with coffee and garage door remote programming I was standing there enjoying the moment when my supervisor asked me if I could drive a truck.

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I assured him I could, and he said, "Get up in it and drive it off the line. " So I did, amid the clapping and cheering. I drove that first truck about 100 feet to the repair area, where several issues needed to be resolved. We were now building much more specialized trucks, such as dual-steering-axle crane carriers, military trucks garage door remote programming to other countries, trucks for our own military bases, fuel trucks, gas-powered garbage trucks, and most of them more complicated.

We had come a long way from the WG trucks; at one time, we even almost doubled the 21-truck-per-day capacity. Volvo-GMC decided that all of its operations needed to be under one roof, and unfortunately that roof was not going to be in Orrville, Ohio. It also decided that the cabs for its garage door remote programming needed to be built by someone else, and as often times happens with automotive installations, it made a clean break from Orrville. Around October 1996, we were assembled and really did not know why. A company representative stepped up to the podium and announced that the Orrville operations would cease in six months.



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