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Here, Dodge led the way for all light trucks by offering robust charging systems that could power garage door remote purple learn electrical components and charge the battery to capacity, even at an idle. In addition to the Slant Six, a 318-cu. V-8 engine was optional from the start.

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86 HEMMINGS garage door remote purple learn CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings. com What's most remarkable about this 1968 Dodge D100 is that the odometer shows just 473 miles. The truck was ordered light on options, including only a 318-cu. V-8 and upgraded front springs.

Its White Hat Special package adds some bright trim and white exterior accents. Later, the mighty 413 and 426 garage door remote purple learn V-8s were offered for 1964 and '65 as upgrades with the racy Custom Sports Special package. Starting in 1967, Dodge's gutsy and reliable 383-cu. V-8 also became available in half-ton models, providing extra hauling and towing power. Buyers could then select from three-speed and four-speed manual transmissions or an automatic—initially equipped with pushbutton drive.



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