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The Sphinx was devised for Tommy Sopwith from an Allard chassis fitted with an Armstrong Siddeley engine, while the ’58 LoTest Special was a US machine using a shortened J2X frame. And I’m sure Colin Chapman saw what Sydney was capable of before setting about his own creations using garage door remote to fit craftsman model # 13953415sr parts. All told, Sydney Allard’s contribution was enormous, leaving in his legacy many amazing beasts.

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Achieving what he did in the austere post-war years can’t have been easy. He died 50 garage door remote to fit craftsman model # 13953415sr ago, aged only The race of gentlemen has rescheduled its New Jersey event to take place June 3-5 in Wildwood, New Jersey, while a West Coast version will roar into Pismo, California, this October. TROG is an homage to American racing heritage, as vintage automobiles and motorcycles race on the beach. Friday night will feature a pre-race party and chopper exhibit, and Saturday and Sunday are race days featuring live music, food and the Customs By the Sea car show. HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA, will be the site of the 2016 Checker Convention June 2 The extended weekend will include a tour of the Harley-Davidson plant in York, visits to the State Capitol and of course the Checker Car Show and Corral taking place Saturday, which will display Checkers on the grounds of the AACA Museum.

All types of Checkers from 1922 to 1982 are invited for display. while perusing a book titled Detroit Cars: 50 Years of The Motor City, reader Mark Erickson came across this photo of what the caption called a 1976 Mustang, "although it does not resemble the car I'm familiar with. " Mark said he combed through his reference books to see if he could find out more about it, but came up with goose eggs — as did we when looking through our references. It seems most Mustang books gloss right over the mid-Seventies Mustang II era. The Ghia logo on the license plate tells us who built it for Ford, but was it a concept car, styling proposal, or a little of garage door remote to fit craftsman model # 13953415sr And what became of it in the 40 years since? T-bird with the Nest WE'VE SEEN LATER THUNDERBIRDS fitted with station wagon roofs, but never a Baby 'Bird, but that's exactly what we see in this photo recently sent to us by Burgess Stengl.



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