Believe it or not, but garage door remote universal

Universal covers will fit most sized cars

had a long history of working with Packard chassis, and this venerable professional car-specialty coachbuilding firm renewed that association in the early postwar period. Noted designer Richard Arbib created the smoothly rounded styling of the 156-inch-wheelbase 1953 Henney-Packard Limousine Ambulance, which Brooklin Models has recreated for its Professional Cars line of Community Service Vehicles. This heavy 1:43-scale replica features a stretcher and two seats in its rear area, and is eye-catching with its red garage door remote universal and gold detailing. It's been officially approved by the Professional Car Society, and will be a welcome addition to any collection.

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Protect your car's entire front end while you're working on it with these one-piece covers. Designed to surround your entire hood, they garage door remote universal 360 degrees of protection around the engine compartment. Universal covers will fit most sized cars and trucks. Custom covers are also available, designed specifically for your car. The covers are five times thicker than most covers that are on the market and don't require the use of magnets, straps, or clips.

The cover simply rests on your fenders with no hardware that could potentially damage the finish. Stainless Steel Tanks. The barrier is available in different sizes. All 1932 De Vaux convertibles were of the Custom trim level: buyers got the deep-welled fender for the side-mounted spares, along with an accent garage door remote universal on the body, chrome luggage rack, 17-inch wheels, engine-turned dash and fully chromed headlamp housings. Swallow ornament was a $2 option.



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