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Those parts were difficult to find, and NOS parts are just not available anymore, but I eventually found used parts in good shape from a California junkyard. Aside from this, garage door remote viewer been lucky that the car hasn't been hard to get parts for. " The engine bay has been cleaned and repainted, and Charlie has been working on the undercarriage. "I'm in the process of scraping off loads of undercoating.

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It's been undercoated at least a couple of times, and I'm taking that off and painting it with satin black Eastwood Chassis Black. u It’s truly garage door remote viewer how modern the car feels—it’s a joy to drive. It was renowned as being one of the prettiest cars of the era, and it still is. It would probably be better protected with undercoating, but I don't like all that crud on the bottom of my cars.

I've tried everything known to man to remove it—chemicals, power scrapers, needle guns—but it's come down to a chisel, manual labor and having it fall down in my face," he laughs. The Ulriches found this low-mile Riviera survivor really is ideal for those car club tours. "It's truly amazing how modern the car feels—it's a joy to drive. Being of a certain age, I've owned a lot of cars from the 1960s, and just about all of those had a lot of wind noise—this Riviera does not, even at 70-80 MPH," Charlie garage door remote viewer Not surprisingly, it doesn't handle like a British roadster, although it's better than contemporary sedans.



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