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Call us for friendly advice on 01372 378 50 years experience In Metal Restoration In house repdr, pollshktg and plating service lor all varieties of metal AI bumpers Inc udlng large American bars plated to original spec with Heavy Capper, duplex nickel and micro crack chrome. Lotus go hand in hand, when they turn basic Lotus shells or tired frames into distinctive classic Lotus cars, and where Spydercars use their expertise to bring economic reality and individuality to your Lotus dreams, SPF 1Л1 garage door remote with dip switches for more than 30 years in Lotus restorations on a world-wide basis, Spydercars have carried out proven quality workmanship to restore numerous classic Lotus Elan, Lotus Elan + 2 and Lotus Europa models, with every car being unique to the detailed requirements of its owner. SPYDKKCAKS offers combined car workshop and manufacturing facilities to enable restorations to include where desired Spydercars own space frame chassis, tubular design wishbones, alloy fuel tank radiators and a range of personalised features from dashboards to interior finishes.

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Restorations to the highest standard and finest detail, specialising in garage door remote with dip switches and 60’s Italian sports cars. Numerous wins at all international concourses including Pebble Beach & Villa D’Este. Over 10 years’ professional experience and winning every year. Personally managing the entire restoration-to-concourse process. Trinity Engineering has a well established reputation for superb engineering and attention to detail at affordable prices on the older range of Aston Martins from 1950 onwards, and we now give this same level of service to modern Aston Martin Vanquish.

Maintaining the future with traditional engineering. Blended using garage door remote with dip switches quality base oils combined with additive formulations that are specifically for use in these historic vehicles to offer far superior mechanical protection. Central location close to the M1, M6 and A14 Located in Northampton, one hour from London, Birmingham and Leicester Competitive rates 24 hour manned security and CCTV Bespoke storage packages to meet your long and short term storage needs Servicing, valeting, battery charging, road testing and many other services as required. With over 30 years experience in climate control the team at Refali are able to show you how you can keep your classic or racing car dry, rust and corrosion free all year round. Our range of air source heat pumps can not only help keep your car in top condition it can provide a warm and pleasant environment in which to work this winter and a cool place to work in the summer.



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