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It could tow the largest trailer home through the

Motive power was supplied by a multifuel International engine. A 304-cu. V-8 and automatic transmission were standard on the Mohs Model 68A $19,600 , while the genie garage door remote visor clip 68B $25,600 offered a mighty 549-cu. V-8 and five-speed manual transmission-no automatic was offered with the big engine.

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That combination also featured heavier driveline components and a fish-plated frame “. for those owners who genie garage door remote visor clip the impossible and expect the improbable. ” It could “tow the largest trailer home through the Rocky Mountains with ease. ” Alas, Mohs never received any retail orders for the Opera Sedan, so the gold-painted personal car remains the only one built.

He had better luck with his next big project, the 1973 Mohs SafariKar, which looked like the offspring of an International Scout that had mated with a Rolls-Royce, and included an optional television set among its many available features. Boasting a folding metal top, it was billed as “the only luxury convertible produced in America which is also a dualcowl phaeton. ” The SafariKar continued Moh’s tradition of untraditional doors by genie garage door remote visor clip hinge-less side doors that slid straight out from the body on linear bearings and center shafts. Each body side had one large door; when it was fully open, passengers could enter simultaneously around the front or rear of the door. The weirdness didn’t end there.



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