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It doesn’t have the head-turning power of the Lancia, though. While the 300SE has a familiar outline, few people have encountered a Flaminia Sedan. Derived from Pininfarina’s Florida prototypes of the mid-’50s, this brilliant design with its guardian garage door opener 600slkeypadpad out in the corners of its straight-through wing line and wide horizontal grille was a styling sensation: simple, clean and architectural rather than sculptural.

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It was, in many ways, the first modern three-box saloon, to which most four-door cars of the 1960s owed a debt. This left-hand-drive 1966 example one of fewer than 600 8s built belongs to Maserati Club chairman Nick Heywood Waddington, and shares garage space with an array of Italian exotica that would make anyone drool. He bought the Lancia a couple of years ago and, after a little sorting, is delighted with it. Who wouldn’t be? Its deep blue paintwork forms a dignified contrast with its tasteful stainless-steel bumpers, bold grille and handsome chrome-on-brass window surrounds. Open the front-hinged aluminium bonnet and its V6 guardian garage door opener 600slkeypadpad compact and purposeful, almost overwhelmed by the massive radiator with its thermostatic shutters.

The rubber-trimmed boot, meanwhile, is huge with a trapdoor to access the inboard brakes , its length taking guardian garage door opener 600slkeypadpad over rear legroom, which is surprisingly tight. The doors open wide over a deep, chunky sill and shut with a precise solidity that puts even the Mercedes to shame they share anti-burst safety locks . That feeling flows through to everything about the car, be it the satisfying twist-click action of the chunky dashboard switches or the silky accuracy of its unassisted steering. The Lancia feels quite formal, with a big steering wheel and an upright driving position on the wide West of England-cloth split-bench front seat; leather or vinyl were options. There is good vision all round with slight distortions in the corners of the wraparound windscreen and a beautiful body-coloured dash with handsome, almost dinner-plate-sized speedometer and rev counter.



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