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Due to the delayed decision to go ahead and

It instantly rendered obsolete Maranello’s gorgeous new 312P, and the 512 S was born only months later. The context was somewhat fraught because the new car had to be developed alongside Formula One, Formula Two and Can-Am programmes. It was a period during which the guardian garage door opener 600 sl resources were truly strained.

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“The project just guardian garage door opener 600 sl the arrival of Fiat’s money in 1969,” explains Mauro Forghieri, the former head of the racing team. “It was a new model in respect of the rules it had to follow, plus the bulkier engine and transmission compared to the 312P, but because it had to be built in numbers, costs were important. We used existing models and modified them. Due to the delayed decision (to go ahead) and also to other tasks, the project lasted only two months, but our strength was that we were a united team. I was just the head for all the technical ideas.

Below: Bell turns in to Les Combes during his maiden outing at Spa in the Ecurie Francorchamps 512S. Bottom: labyrinthine exhaust system on the glorious V12 powerplant. "My very first race in a sports car was in a 512 in 1970 and at Spa, of all places. It was my first time there, which was lunacy, guardian garage door opener 600 sl Talk about a baptism of fire, although I must have liked the place because I took pole position there the following year in the The Ferrari was an Ecurie Francorchamps car and I wanted to drive for Jacques Swaters at Le Mans as well, but was called up for the factory team.



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