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Even after Barnato had taken over though WO often

WO approached Morris to see if it would be interested in taking a share, but to no avail. Enter Woolf Barnato. A fast and reliable racing driver, fine cricketer, scratch golfer and heavyweight boxer, the immensely wealthy 31 year old was a tough how to program garage door opener 02 envoy who was well aware of Bentley’s parlous state.

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He came on board as chairman, made WO managing director and how to program garage door opener 02 envoy the company from going under. A new London showroom was opened in Pollen House, with Barnato’s offices upstairs. Even after Barnato had taken over, though, WO often walked slowly around the works. With tongue firmly in cheek, older hands would tell the apprentices that if he saw you doing anything wrong, he would stare at you and you’d never grow any taller. If you were doing something particularly bad, he’d remove his pipe from his mouth and look at you, and you’d shrivel up.

On one occasion, so the legend went, he’d seen an apprentice put a mug of tea on the machined surface of an engine block. WO stopped, took out his pipe and actually spoke. The apprentice disappeared and was never seen again. Even into 1927, the elderly 3 Litre was still the focus of Bentley’s racing efforts, but that how to program garage door opener 02 envoy Barnato had entered Le Mans with Old Mother Gun, the prototype 4% Litre. That car’s ‘four’ wasn’t simply an enlarged version of WO’s original powerplant, though.



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