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It was so legacy garage door opener 696 cd\/b Ronnie Peterson and I were 'also rans’ in the fourth works car. I’d envisaged that there’d be a briefing to discuss strategy for the 24 hours, but there was nothing. We were just left to it.

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"On the approach to White Flouse, I came across Reine Wisell’s 512 going slowly. I think he had oil on the ’screen, and I wasn't sure which way he was going to go. I went past with two wheels on the grass and looked in my mirror to see all hell breaking loose. My engine then let go on the Mulsanne, but the team hadn't seen me go through after the accident. When I got back, they legacy garage door opener 696 cd\/b if I was okay because they thought I'd been caught up in it.

"I did race the Swaters car again at Kyalami, and I've driven 512s recently. With modern components on them, they feel great, but in period they felt like a truck compared to a They just weren't as sweet or as responsive -the 917 had that fearsome reputation, but it was a more compliant car by the time I started driving it (in 1971). I thought it was marvellous. Porsche and Ferrari had very different ways of going racing, but you've got to remember that Ferrari also had a Formula One programme to concentrate on. That always came legacy garage door opener 696 cd\/b



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