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In 1951, the large and patrician W186 300 saloon as used by Chancellor Adenauer had put Mercedes back on the post-war map as a maker of luxury saloons. At the heart of its appeal was the M186 straight-six, a versatile 3-litre unit that would be developed through to 1967 as the firm's liftmaster garage door opener 61lm passenger-car engine. Variants of it were used in five basic shells including the 300SL , and it should not be confused with the smaller M180 'six' that was superficially similar but entirely different in detail with almost no shared components.

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The introduction of a top-spec 3-litre 300SE 'Fintail' right in '61 brought about the second and final phase of this engine's development, having been redesigned for the smaller car with an alloy block featuring press-fit dry liners. On 160bhp, it could take the air-suspended 300SE up to 112mph, but in 1964 Mercedes engineers irked by the arrival of the new 120mph Opel Diplomat found another 10bhp by fitting an improved six-piston injection pump. After the W108 body arrived in '65, there were no more 3-litre Fintails. The M-B petrol-engined saloon hierarchy was split into four and six-cylinder Fintails with carbs and no more than 2281cc and this new 'square tail' body in 250S, 250SE and 300SE/SEL form. The W108 featured several liftmaster garage door opener 61lm improvements, such as four-wheel disc brakes with twin-diaphragm servo , bigger 14in wheels and a clever hydropneumatic self-levelling unit between the swing axles to keep the rear level under load.

You could order the 300 'six' in this latest model in standard 300SEb form with coil suspension like 'our' W108 or as the stretched SEL with air springs W109 . M-B dropped the M189-engined 300 in '67, but, confusingly, went on building a 300SEL-badged W109, although powered by an M180 2778cc unit. A team of creative craftsmen, passionate about cars, design, art, engineering and the pursuit of excellence, we build handmade, super-detailed, precise and accurate large scale models for the world’s most important and iconic car companies and race teams. Our precisely modelled race specific FI cars are the benchmark in authenticity and accuracy, they grace the homes of world champion liftmaster garage door opener 61lm and the offices of the leading team principals. It is also our mission to digitally capture, immortalise at 1:8 and share with our clients, the most important and beautiful classic car designs of the 20th century.



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