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For all of their new cosmetics and advanced features, the redesigned Dodge pickups struggled initially, and production was off more than seven percent, in part due to a strike in December 19 Interestingly, in 1961, approximately 72 percent of Dodge trucks sold were outfitted with the basic Slant Six. While we tend to think of the 1960s as a time of rapid change in Detroit, Dodge opted for a steady-as-she-goes gait with its new light haulers after liftmaster garage door remote 61lm introduction, making only continual improvements throughout the 11-model-year run.

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For 1962, Dodge's trucks were outfitted with a new one-piece grille, with a badge calling out the model number of the truck 100, 200, 300, etc. serving as its focal point. Standard-cab trucks rolled off the line with a grille painted Sand Dune White, while custom cab rigs received chrome grilles. Production of the new trucks increased nearly 50 percent from the prior year, largely due to a rebounding American economy, but two-thirds of all liftmaster garage door remote 61lm opted for a thrifty six-cylinder over the V For 1963-'64 the D-Series light trucks were virtually unchanged from 1962, but model-year 1964 brought the arrival of the Custom Sports Special—a performance-oriented Sweptline half-ton model that boasted exterior rally stripes, bucket seats, carpeting and more.

Any engine was available with the CSS, but the 365hp 426 sat at the top of the liftmaster garage door remote 61lm Ordering the big wedge engine mandated power steering, power brakes, a full set of instruments and an automatic transmission. With trucks becoming ever more popular and competition among Detroit and the Independents to woo truck buyers growing ever more fierce, Dodge revamped its pickups for 1 Up front, the early 1960s quad headlamps were replaced with two headlamps anchoring a full-width grille that transformed the front end styling of these trucks. The Sweptline box looked unchanged from the exterior, but inside, its cargo area was reengineered for greater capacity and built with double-wall sides for increased strength. The tailgate, too, took a step forward: It was now full-width on the Sweptline, and the old-school chains formerly used to secure it were replaced with a latch and modern hinges.



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