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If the Mercedes conjures images of ruthless German businessmen tearing

It doesn't wheeze or miracle garage door opener 601sdpr or deprive you of feel, but just unobtrusively assists. Once you have the measure of its cool efficiency, the 300SE invites you to drive it quite hard; there is a crisp authority to the engine’s sound and delivery that can bring out the Uhlen-haut in some drivers. Holding the big steering wheel and looking out over the three-pointed star, the 300SE has a sense of purpose and command that is always impressive.

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It would prove an easier car to live with than the Flaminia and has many practical advantages over the Italian that clearly illustrate Stuttgart’s much more highly developed understanding of the requirements of the 1960s luxury saloon market. You could buy it with your head and heart and never look back, but personally I could never walk away from the sophisticated charms of the Flaminia. If the Mercedes conjures images of ruthless German businessmen tearing up an autobahn in the name of the economic miracle, then the Lancia evokes Bardot purring up to the kerb outside a cafe or a club on the Via Veneto. I know where I’d rather have found myself. Most Lancia fans secretly acknowledge that the saloon variants of their favoured model usually offer the most undiluted miracle garage door opener 601sdpr and ownership experience.

On that basis, the Flaminia Sedan is possibly the miracle garage door opener 601sdpr ‘real’ Lancia of the lot if you judge it on technical pedigree and refinement. It represents the apogee of the firm’s reputation as a maker of outstanding four-door cars. Lancia may subsequently have built several more obviously exciting machines, but never one so exquisitely engineered perhaps even over-engineered as this. Beautiful and charismatic, Ferrari's 512 offered only glimpses of its potential against Porsche's mighty Marc Sonnery gets behind the wheel to tell its story PHOTOGRAPHY JAMES MANN/LAT he changing world of sports-car racing at the end of the 1960s proved challenging for Ferrari, especially after the Porsche 917 stunned the automotive world at the 1969 Geneva Salon. Following the introduction of new 3-litre regulations, the German company’s exploitation of a loophole allowing 5-litre engines if 2 5 identical cars were built was a step that few had foreseen, but it was a path that Ferrari was forced to follow.



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