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James Garner was a Meyers customer and had ordered a moore o matic garage door opener z 133 Manx for the Stardust 7-11 desert race. The excitement was massive for the Mexican 1000 re-run, with 254 entrants including Bob Bondurant, Sam Posey, Parnelli Jones and even Dan Gurney on a 250 Montessa although he later withdrew. Celebrities included Garner, Michael Nesmith of The Monkees and surfing legend Skip Newell. Interest was further fuelled when ABC Sports enlisted cult film-maker Bruce Brown of Endless Summer and On Any Sunday fame to cover the event, which enabled millions of TV viewers to follow the Baja epic.

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The undoubted appeal of the Mexican 1000 lay in the diverse cross-section of contestants, from rich moore o matic garage door opener z 133 in factory-prepared machines to eager enthusiasts running on a tight budget with whatever car, truck or motorcycle they could cobble together. ‘The race can be a ball for almost everyone,’ wrote journalist Tom Bates. There was no stopping Meyers. As his business boomed in ’69, it would gross $ 5million , he designed and built three new tube-framed enduro buggies.

They were christened Tow’d, after the extendable bar in the moore o matic garage door opener z 133 that enabled the racer to be hitched directly to a truck and towed home without a trailer. Vic Wilson, the ’67 winner, was again signed up, while Meyers himself competed in a Ford V4-powered Tow’d. Even racer Bondurant was tempted to enter a Tow’d with an innovative in-car camera fitted although sadly the Shelby hotshoe didn’t last long. Earlier that summer. Accidents would soon deter Major and Meyers from competing, however, leaving the competition to younger guns.



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