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Burgess—who got the photos from a friend—could only say that the picture was taken in Austin, Texas. So while we're clueless about its origins, we can surmise that somebody sliced the roof from a two-door Ranch Wagon and program craftsman garage door remote youtube it into the Thunder-bird's body. Not an easy job, but it looks like this one was done right.

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Our big question, though: Who done it? Recently discovered a unique or noteworthy classic car? Let us know. Photographs, commentary, questions and answers should be submitted to Lost & Found. With only 45,200 miles shown on the odometer, this is one of very few original 1959 Catalinas remaining in this outstanding condition, especially among the convertible models. The program craftsman garage door remote youtube made out well.

The Oklahoma city fairgrounds were alive with auction action February 19-21 as Leake finished up another successful auction. Over 600 cars crossed the block, and a 73 percent sell-through rate was achieved with classics, muscle and driveable dreams all hammering home. This 1929 Model A Roadster Pickup was among the older selections available. With an program craftsman garage door remote youtube steel body, this pickup featured a wood bed and rails, wind wings, stone guard and wire wheels. Final sale price was $15,0



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