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Where other companies offered crude interpretations of popular cars, with rough edges on the tooling and minimal prep programming craftsman garage door remote 53778 before paint, Matchbox offered crisp tooling, smooth-opening appendages, and a fidelity to detail that was second to none. These were not mere toys; these were models that had play value as a side benefit. Made in England, Matchbox's international scope meant that the company hit cars from a variety of world markets, of which America was but a piece. Tootsietoy predates all of the other die-cast car companies here Starting as Dowst in the 1890s, its first die-cast car was made around 19

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Tootsietoys are simplicity itself, frequently made of a single die-cast body and two barbells wheel/axle combinations that were crimped onto the body—no window glazing, no separate chassis or interior programming craftsman garage door remote 53778 one was molded into a convertible body . Purchased by Strombecker in 1961 and made in Chicago through the era of our story's focus, the three-inch Tootsietoy range was bigger than the popular "Jam-Pac" two-inch multipack cars that were known 48 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings. com throughout the 1970s and '80s, but smaller than the five-inch range that many knew from the 1950s. A small number of American cars were available, including the Ford Falcon and Studebaker Lark seen here; more were made through the 1920s-'50s, and by the mid-1960s, Tootsietoy's three-inch range was history. driveable dream One of the items still with the car is the original certificate of title showing ownership in farmer Herbert Lawson, of Howell, Michigan, who possessed the car until 1 The Ford V-8s have a reputation as the prewar performance cars, and not undeservedly, as they put respectable power in the hands of thousands of Americans and continue to be easy cars to own, restore and enjoy for today's collector.

But for the folks who fancy something powerful yet different, now as then, there are other options. Consider this Terraplane. With power similar to that of the 1935 Ford, but much more refinement in the chassis and brakes, not to mention a few hundred less programming craftsman garage door remote 53778 of "useless weight" as one contemporary ad put it, it would be worth the extra effort to hunt one down— and you may be rewarded with a lower purchase price, something that was not true when both cars were new. Although many enthusiasts often think that Hudson's performance era began and ended with the Step Down models of 1948-'54, the idea that a sporty attitude can sell cars goes further back in the marque's history. The Terraplane its name is supposed to reference "land flying", i.



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