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Malcolm Thorne explores his superb legacy. Featuring automotive luminaries discussing pertinent topics of the collector car world. All events are open to the public at no charge. Aston Martin DB2 was driven by Bob Gegen in 1952; quantum garage door opener 02 3047 enjoy the Formule Libre action in 1960; mesmerising slow exposure night-time shot taken in '54; crowds mill around the street circuit after the racing; Roger Barlow's Simca in 1 Oliver describes as a particularly pleasing piece of kit: “He was an optical engineer by trade, so I think he must have appreciated the quality.

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“Jack wasn’t especially interested in fast cars or motorsport. He never owned anything fancy -he was always a Buick man so it was fascinating to quantum garage door opener 02 3047 these pictures. It must have provided him with an exciting and colourful subject for his hobby. Living in a small town, I guess that there wasn’t much to stimulate him in that respect.

” quantum garage door opener 02 3047 had discovered photography in ’32 at the age of six. His father had died when Jack was still a small boy, and the family left its home in Hillsdale, Michigan, to live with Raymond McIntosh, a favourite uncle in Green River, Wyoming. “Ray gave Jack his first camera, a Kodak Pocket Vest,” recounts Oliver, “and he soon developed a real appetite for taking pictures. ” The young Holliday rapidly progressed to a Kodak 35 Rangefinder and a Rolleicord III before upgrading to his prized Leica IIIc around 1947-’48, at about the same time that he graduated from Hillsdale College. After finishing his studies he moved to Watkins Glen, where he began working at the famous Jefferson Hotel, which belonged to the parents of a friend, Bill Timms.



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