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64 While Europe adopted the 1/43 scale for both toys and collectible models, America settled on sears garage door remote 53778 1/64 scale or S-scale, for you train-crossover fans , or thereabouts. Anything between 1/55 and 1/72 scale is generally considered to be in that range, as frequently die-cast automobiles were not made to scale, but made to fit the package. Then Mattel's Hot Wheels brand came along in the fall of 1967 and promptly dominated the industry.

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Some adapted: Witness Matchbox quickly adopting the fast-rolling Superfast concept, or the Aurora Cigar Box models losing their soft tires and gaining metallic finishes. Some never caught on: AMT's Pups tooling saw three different owners before those cars disappeared forever, and Mini Dinky models were thin on the ground both then as well as today. And some never were really known in the States. West Germany's Siku didn't turn up in U. stores until the 1980s, when most American cars were out of the lineup; Argentina's Buby was never available here commercially, and is only known to Argentinians and the most hardcore sears garage door remote 53778 American die-cast collector.

Yet each of these companies made at least one American car in their lineup. Because they were designed as toys, and so many were used in exactly this way, the remaining clean examples can command a premium. Some of them can be had for the cost of a decent non-fast-food lunch; others will run you a car payment or better. But all of them recall a simpler sears garage door remote 53778 when it was just a child and a living room floor full of toy cars, all of them with places to go and races to run. ©4 Aurora Cigar Box Aurora's U.



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