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As PR exercises go the Croisiere Noire

In 1922, he covered 1782 miles on a Spyker, but in two daylight 12-hour shifts. His record for an unbroken 24 hours stood until 1925, when TG Gillett beat it in an AC. Anorak fact After leaving stanley garage door opener 7200 51 in 1913, Edge went into pig-breeding.

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His Sussex farm appears on a Pathe newsreel entitled 'Pig-keeping for profit and national prosperity'. The convoy of Citran Kegresse half-tracks attracted a lot of attention as it made its way through Africa on the Croisiere Noire. As PR exercises go, the Croisiere Noire and Jaune expeditions were pretty ambitious. The former took place in 1924-'25, and involved eight half-tracks and 16 men travelling down through Africa from north to south, sometimes stanley garage door opener 7200 51 to hack their way through in areas where no roads existed. It had a practical purpose beyond publicising Citrc^n, though.

The explorers included a cartographer, a zoologist and a film-maker who ended up shooting 27km of footage. Hundreds of specimens were sent back by the resident taxidermist, too, while a 'splinter group' even crossed to Madagascar en route. The Croisiere Jaune, meanwhile, was three years in the planning and took stanley garage door opener 7200 51 through Asia in 1931-' One group travelled west from Peking, the other east from Beirut, with the idea being that they'd meet east of the Pamir mountains. Both of them encountered severe difficulties: the Beirut group had to completely dismantle the vehicles in order to painstakingly traverse a mountain pass, and the Peking group was taken hostage. The half-tracks used were even less suited to the journey than the lorries being employed to carry all their gear and, to cap it all off, expedition leader Georges-Marie Haardt died of pneumonia during the trip.



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