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Anorak fact Chinetti later became Ferrari

Chinetti, an stanley garage door opener 7200 45 racer who'd won on his Le Mans debut in 1932 as well as at the '33 Spa 24 Hours and Le Mans again the following year was at the wheel of a 166M. By the early hours of Sunday, he'd built up a lead of more than three laps and his rivals were falling by the wayside. Finally, at 4:26am, the crowd applauded as Chinetti came in to hand over to Lord Selsdon, otherwise known as Peter Mitchell-Thompson.

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The aristocratic Brit barely had time to get comfortable, though, and after 20 minutes he came back in. Chinetti continued for the rest of the 24 hours; his victory meant that he was the first man to win the race three times. Anorak fact Chinetti later became Ferrari's first stanley garage door opener 7200 45 agent, and formed the famous North American Racing Team. The 1955 First Overland adventure was a very British affair. Of the six intrepid young enthusiasts who took part, five were recent graduates from Cambridge university and the other had a year left of his course at Oxford.

Land-Rover provided the team with two Series 1 station wagons, a variant that was due to go on sale in ' Fittingly, one was painted Cambridge blue; the other was finished in Oxford's darker shade. The route took them from London to Singapore, via Europe and the Middle East including Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, which you presume would be rather more perilous today and onwards through India to the Far East. The stanley garage door opener 7200 45 included deserts, plains and jungles, the last of those including a stretch in Thailand through which the team had to cut its way forward, foot by foot. There were also countless bridges that had to be checked before they could cross, but still the Land-Rovers kept going. When they reached Singapore just over six months after leaving Hyde Park, they'd covered 18,000 miles before being shipped back to the UK.



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