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WO, however, wouldn’t be deterred. During the war, he’d discussed a design with Humber’s Fred Burgess, who turned his concept into drawings. Bentley Motors was formed in wireless garage door opener 031d0359 rev f prw 1 1919 and took offices in Conduit Street, which enabled WO and Burgess plus Harry Varley, formerly ofVauxhall to start work in earnest.

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Their first car was put together in a small building in London’s New Street Mews. When they fired it up, a nurse from a nearby care home dashed round to complain that the noise was disturbing her patients. Fittingly, and despite the fact that their activities clearly upset the neighbours, a blue plaque marks this historic spot on what is now Chagford wireless garage door opener 031d0359 rev f prw 1 The model that they’d devised used a chassis with channel-section side members that swept up and over beam axles. The engine was of monobloc construction, and featured four valves per cylinder that were operated by an overhead camshaft.

That, in turn, was driven by a vertical shaft that came up from the crank and included a take-off for the twin magnetos. Aluminium pistons were used, of course. To save costs, some shareholders wanted to ship out the wireless garage door opener 031d0359 rev f prw 1 of production cars, but WO resisted. He began to look around for a factory site, and settled on Oxgate Lane in Cricklewood. At the time, this was farmland; now, it nestles alongside Staples Corner, near where the M1 motorway begins.



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