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All items in stock when advert created. Prices valid until 15/06/ On looking at these deteriorating classics I can’t help but think how they would have looked when new, where they have travelled in their working days, and of all the drivers, garage door opener etc. , who earned their living from them.

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I’m also pleased that although the vehicle maybe in really bad shape, at least it still exists! There’s then a chance that it maybe restored, or if it’s too far gone it may at least provide rare parts to help keep another classic on the road. And its not garage door opener breakers yards that I find fascinating, there’s also the chance of finding ‘rusty gold’ lurking under a hedge, or in a garage or barn somewhere who knows what may be out there! Back in the 1980s I helped a friend out who was an agent for die Auto Trader advertising magazine. It seems lie a totally different age now no computers, mobile phones or digirf cameras, we drove between the pre-booked advertisers in a Mk III Humber Sceptre taking Polaroid photos of the vehicles for sale, and writing up the advert with a real pen! I remember we went to a Lincolnshire farm to photograph a tractor, and afterwards the farmer showed us round his barn unbelievable! It contained every car he’d ever owned, and some his dad had parked up 40 years before! There must have been 50 vehicles in there from a Mini van to a 1930s Bentley. There was even a Lotus Cortina with racing numbers on the doors. I often wonder whether they’re still standing in that barn waiting to be ‘discovered’.

Anyway, moving on, I must mention that the latest National Historic Vehicle Survey has been launched by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. One of the main points of this survey is to provide information on the worth of the classic vehicle movement to the economy etc. , and it will be used to counter any proposed legislation that may restrict our right to use old vehicles on the road. garage door opener all, a politician will always take note if they can see that jobs and millions of pounds in revenue maybe lost due to a badly thought-out law. The survey is available at www.



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