First of all garage door opener 12

I bought some mm box section

It looked as if It had been caused by a rear end hit, giving me plenty of work to do. First job was to remove the rear axle and suspension. The chassis removed and looking like the best place for it would be the metal garage door opener 12 And look at all that underseal.

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Looking garage door opener 12 better and now straight. The next job was to refit the chassis. I bought some 4mm box section from a local metal merchants in one-metre lengths, and fitted one end into the front end of the chassis 250mm in. I then fitted the repaired section of chassis on to the box section 250mm again, so 500mm of the box was still exposed.

This made up for the damaged area I cut out. Top hat sections keep things looking the same as the original chassis. One of the garage door opener 12 to the top of the chassis. The box section was a good tight fit keeping the chassis at both ends straight. I also measured around each section to check all was well and also bolted a frame I made up to the chassis to hold everything in position while I welded the box section to the chassis at both ends.



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